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The team at Evrytek often receive a lot of questions about our IT services from people and businesses all over the world, and we want to make understanding and choosing the right services less confusing, so we’ve assembled a selection of our most frequently asked questions relating to our Managed Services.

Have you got a question we didn’t manage to answer here? Think you’ve got a simple or embarrassing tech question? We’ve probably heard it before – and if we haven’t, we love answerings questions about IT – get in touch.

What is a Managed Service?

Evrytek, Managed Service Providers (MSP) presents a technology-as-a-service offering rather than a simple IT product, asset or resource. Managed services are one of the best ways modern businesses keep their IT systems operating efficiently and securely at all times. Typically, IT-managed services, like Evrytek, include 24/7 monitoring and prevention, after-hours patching and updates, and detailed reporting but also provide additional services, such as business continuity and software licensing management.

How much do managed services cost?

There is no standardised pricing for managed IT services. We aim to find a plan that fits within your business’s budget and needs – so you can expect competitive prices with excellent value. With that in mind, our reps can provide a holistic needs-based assessment to help you to reach or surpass your goals.

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

It is difficult and expensive to manage all of your various IT services through several providers. Now and again, a new update needs to be made or a cyber security threat needs to be given priority.

Evrytek will be by your side – every step of the way so you and your business are future-proofed against IT updates, issues and business continuity by implementing and supporting all of your IT and technology from one provider. Simple.

We provide solutions - We assist you in exploring all of your technological and IT options as proactive IT partners, providing you with the justification for the options we think would be best suited to the overall goals of your business.

We help you succeed -  Evrytek can help you advance your IT infrastructure as you grow and adapt to change. We help you bring your technology up to speed with the rest of your business by having an IT partner that can help you increase productivity, reduce downtime, improve security, and achieve success.

What types of companies benefit from Managed Services?

Any business can benefit from our Managed Services, especially small and medium businesses that cannot justify having IT staff on their payroll. We help any business looking to develop powerful business continuity processes and business technology.

What’s the difference between IT outsourcing and Managed Services?

An MSP supports your company's IT on a long-term basis, enhancing the overall IT health of your business. An MSP proactively manages and administers your IT infrastructure and end-user systems, whereas an IT consultant lays out the framework for the efficient use of IT. Managed services deal with the implementations necessary to run a certain software or service, whereas IT consulting focuses more on advice.

Evrytek’s Managed Services provides IT services aligned with your business needs. In other words, we form an intimate relationship with you and your business to cover your long-term strategy, streamline your technology and provide proactive and reactive support.

Do I need Managed Services?

Yes, almost every company these days, regardless of size or sector, must adopt a proactive approach to IT management to boost productivity, lower downtime, enhance its digital infrastructure and cybersecurity, and achieve more predictable costs.

What are your hours of operation and what are your response times?

We operate 24/7 and we respond before you realise there’s an issue. So reach out to us today to start your journey through Evrytek run by Jordan Oliver Education Ltd.

Do you manage my IT hardware and software assets?

Yes, we use world-class technology to supply, build, manage, replace and even help you to finance and dispose of your hardware and software assets, and we do so by using the latest developments in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy. In other words, we are an environmentally friendly IT partner.

What geographical locations do you cover?

At present Evrytek is based in the UK and uses facilities that cover the majority of North America, most of Europe, and some of the Rest of the World, so reach out to us to discuss our next steps.

Why Should I Choose Evrytek?

We take great pride in our capacity to understand your organisation so that we can tailor our services to your every need. We are committed to providing services that are predictable in terms of both costs and service quality. Your business goals will be met with an IT-managed service provider that understands that technology is supposed to solve business problems.

Evrytek plan, implement and support all of your IT and technology Every step of the way.

Find the perfect IT solutions for your business today by partnering with Evrytek.

We have an IT solution for your business, whatever your needs-  from an IT implementation project to simply saving money by managing your current IT systems, we can help find a solution that is right for your business.

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